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The Secret Ingredient To A Productive And Satisfying Career

Fast Company - Dec 01, 2015 - For example, in one of their studies, University of Chicago researchers Kaitlin Woolley and Ayelet Fishbach found that when participants were given the choice between a dull and better-paid task or a fun but not as well-paid one, most participants went with the dull option, thinking of the end result as the most important factor in their decision.

40 Under 40

Crain's - Dec 01, 2015 - The latest University of Chicago exemplar of contrarian economic thinking, Amir Sufi has not been afraid to look beyond Federal Reserve orthodoxy about what fueled the mid-2000s boom, then bust.

22 MBA programs where graduates earn more than $110,000 right out of school

Business Insider/Yahoo! - Dec 15, 2015 - Though among the most expensive MBA degrees in the world, the Booth School of Business all but guarantees a coveted job: 98% of students from the 2015 class had secured employment within three months of graduation and the top-five employers were McKinsey & Co., Boston Consulting Group, Bain & Co., Amazon, and Bank of America.

Which North American MBA Programs Offer The Most Lucrative Return On Investment?

Business Because - Dec 15, 2015 - After 20 years, a savvy Stanford MBA graduate can expect massive returns of more than $6 million; a happy Harvard grad can look forward to likely returns of over $5 million; and MBA alumni from MIT Sloan, Wharton, Chicago Booth and Columbia Business School can all expect longer-term returns above $4 million.

Looking for motivation? Enjoying the task at hand will matter once you start

Science Daily - Dec 15, 2015 - These findings are reported in "The Experience Matters More Than You Think: People Value Intrinsic Incentives More Inside Than Outside an Activity," by Chicago Booth Professor Ayelet Fishbach and Booth PhD student Kaitlin Woolley.

Rate hike... good or bad for economy?

CNBC/Marketplace/MSN - Dec 15, 2015 - Kevin Hassett, American Enterprise Institute, and Austan Goolsbee, University of Chicago Booth School of Business, disagree whether an interest rate hike will help boost the U.S.

Here Are 10 Student-Launched Startups Set To Make Moves In 2016

ChicagoInno - Dec 15, 2015 - Entrepreneurship concentrations at University of Chicago Booth and Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management have increased significantly in recent years.

The 50 best business schools in the world

Business Insider/Yahoo! - Dec 14, 2015 - 2. University of Chicago — Booth School of Business

Accounting Degree Review Releases 2016 Ranking of Top 50 Graduate Accounting Programs

PR Newswire/Bloomberg/Fox - Dec 14, 2015 - Accounting Degree Review's ranking provides a well-rounded look at the best graduate accounting programs...University of Chicago, Booth School of Business - Chicago, IL


The Business Journals - Dec 11, 2015 - A lesson from Chicago Booth School of Business on the extreme makeover motivating people to save money!

Sorry, but Your Favorite Company Can't Be Your Friend

The New York Times - Dec 11, 2015 - “They are treating corporations like persons, just like the Supreme Court says we ought to,” says Nicholas Epley, a professor of behavioral science at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

CPAmerica International Sponsors Alternative Finance in the Americas Study

Marketplace - Dec 11, 2015 - CPAmerica International, an accounting association of independent certified public accounting firms, is proud to announce its sponsorship of the 2015 Americas Alternative Finance Benchmarking Survey, led by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance at Cambridge Judge Business School and the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

$15 Minimum Wage? Labor Economists Still Not Sure

Bloomberg - Dec 10, 2015 - A University of Chicago Booth School of Business poll in September showed about two-thirds of nearly 50 leading economic experts—including those in labor and other focus areas—either agreed or were uncertain when asked if a federal minimum wage of $15 by 2020 would “substantially” reduce the employment rate.

A Dow-DuPont Merger Would Raise Big Questions

The New York Times - Dec 10, 2015 - Although the record is mixed, the general conclusion from more than two decades of research is that most studies “fail to find consistent evidence of improved performance or productivity gains.” That quotation is taken from an old paper by the University of Chicago’s Steven Kaplan, which looked at a wave of mergers in the nineteen-nineties.

Here Are The Apps UChicago Oncologists, Economists, Environmentalists (And More) Dreamed Up

ChicagoInno - Dec 10, 2015 - This week UChicago Tech, the Polsky Center, UChicago IT Services, Booth School of Business, and Chicago Innovation Exchange revealed the 20 semifinalists for the app challenge, who will now work on prototyping their ideas.

U.S. News Short List Takes a Closer Look at How Many Applications Top Business Schools Receive

Beat the GMAT - Dec 10, 2015 - UCLA’s Anderson School, ranked 15th overall, was 8th in terms of application volume, drawing 4,129 applicants in 2014. That number was just shy of the 4th ranked University of Chicago Booth of Business, which drew 4,175 MBA hopefuls last year.

Dow and DuPont Remix Their Cultures

Bloomberg - Dec 09, 2015 - During the 2008 financial crisis, conglomerates were able to offset the freezing-up of capital markets by transferring cash to needy businesses from other parts of the group, according to a 2011 study by academics at the University of Chicago's Booth School.

Why Gadget Warranties Are (Almost) Never Worth It

The Wall Street Journal - Dec 09, 2015 - Yet for most of us, here’s a better plan from Richard Thaler, a renowned economist at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business: “Every time someone offers to sell you insurance on a non-large purchase say no, and take that money and put it into a rainy-day account.

Why Do Consumers Hate Uber’s Surge Pricing?

Psychology Today - Dec 09, 2015 - [5] The study was done by two Uber employees and a University of Chicago economics professor. The report is available here (link is external).

The Top Venture Capital-Backed Start-Ups Launched By Female MBA Grads

Business Because - Dec 09, 2015 - Chicago Booth’s female MBAs have raised $16 million for 13 VC-backed companies; entrepreneurs at New York’s Stern School $37 million for 12 start-ups.

UV Darden Tops Forbes List of Most Satisfied MBAs

Beat the GMAT - Dec 09, 2015 - Top Ten Business Schools with the Happiest Graduates: 7. Chicago Booth School of Business

Greg Ip: Could Higher Interest Rates Lead to Higher Inflation? Explaining 'Neo-Fisherism'

The Wall Street Journal - Dec 09, 2015 - As John Cochrane at the University of Chicago writes: Raising interest rates to cool off a booming economy, and lowering interest rates to stimulate a slow economy may make sense.

10 Business Schools With a Large Applicant Pool

U.S. News & World Report - Dec 08, 2015 - Below are the 10 business schools with the most applications for fall of 2014. Unranked schools, which did not meet certain criteria required by U.S. News to be numerically ranked, were not considered for this report... University of Chicago (Booth) 4,175

Rely on forecasters? Forget about it.

The Washington Post - Dec 07, 2015 - But according to professor Richard Thaler, who teaches at the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago, they all suffer the same issue. As he puts it: "Decision-makers have been betrayed by a flaw that has been documented in hundreds of studies: overconfidence."

The Food Lover’s Guide to B-School

Beat the GMAT - Dec 07, 2015 - The MBA program: Ranked as one of the best business schools in the country, Chicago Booth admits about 580 students every year to its full-time MBA program.

Here’s the glaring reason Martin Shkreli’s single biggest defense doesn’t hold water

Business Insider/Yahoo! - Dec 07, 2015 - "It's total hokum," Sam Peltzman, a health economist and professor at the University of Chicago told Business Insider in September. "The sources of research funding are the attraction of getting a return on the research-funding investment.

American Childhood, as Seen Through Early Kids' Magazines

The Atlantic - Dec 07, 2015 - The Rothman Winter Garden at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business is a six-story atrium supported by four snow white vaults that sprout from the floor and flower into in a glass and steel umbrella that shelters students from weather that is too often ill-natured, if entirely timely, in the Windy City.

Forget About Jobs And Politics: The Goolsbee Lens

Forbes - Dec 04, 2015 - “The years 2014 and 2015 were some of the best job-producing years ever,” notes former White House economist Austan Goolsbee, a professor of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. “Yet the economy will probably just plod along at 2% to 2.5%.”

Executives-In-Residence: Filling A Business School Education Gap

Poets & Quants - Dec 04, 2015 - The University of Chicago Booth School launched an execs-in-residence program in 2009. Northwestern’s Kellogg School unveiled one in 2012.

Episode 665: The Pickle Problem

NPR - Dec 03, 2015 - CANICE PRENDERGAST: I think many of them have the following sense. Markets are sometimes unfair. It benefits the powerful. It benefits the wealthy. It benefits the strong. Their focus is so much on the others, the ones who've been left behind.

Who Turns Down the Best Business Schools?

Bloomberg - Dec 03, 2015 - 105 students were admitted to both Booth and Kellogg, two schools that often accepted the same students. Here’s where they chose to attend: Booth 43.8%

Stanford Winning Dual Admit Battle With HBS

Poets & Quants - Dec 03, 2015 - Businessweek also found that of the 436 students in its sample who said they were accepted by Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and at least one other school, 29.4% picked Kellogg. Some 10.6% went to Wharton, while another 10.6% signed up at Chicago Booth

UICO's duraTOUCH(R) Technology Empowering HiCling's Game-Changing Fitness Band

Marketwired/Bloomberg/Yahoo! - Dec 03, 2015 - UICO has close ties to the University of Chicago and the Booth School of Business, and is backed by renowned Midwest VCs Hyde Park Angels, Plymouth Ventures, and Beringea.

Why Silicon Valley Will Never Guarantee Success

Fortune Magazine - Dec 03, 2015 - At the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, we have seen firsthand how startups have fared inside and outside of Silicon Valley. Booth’s New Venture Challenge program is an intense, yearlong business launch program that includes a competition for funding.

Fundrise Lets Common Folk Invest in Posh Real Estate Ventures

Wired - Dec 03, 2015 - But University of Chicago Booth professor Joseph Pagliari, whose research focuses on real estate portfolio management, cautions that publicly traded real estate funds already have a lot of the benefits that Fundrise seems to be touting.

Private Equity’s Paper Tigers

Fortune Magazine - Dec 03, 2015 - The conclusion comes from a soon-to-be-published paper, “How Do Private Equity Investments Perform Compared to Public Equity?” by Robert S. Harris, Tim Jenkinson, and Steven N. Kaplan. Kaplan, who is at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, is probably the foremost private equity scholar in the galaxy.

What you can learn from your future self

WBEZ91.5 - Dec 02, 2015 - "What Your Future Self Can Teach You" is the cover story in the December issue of Capital Ideas, the research magazine from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. We discuss with Hal Weitzman, editor in chief of Capital Ideas.

Online Threat Prompts University of Chicago to Cancel Classes

Beat the GMAT - Dec 02, 2015 - Classes have been cancelled today at the University of Chicago, including the Chicago Booth School of Business, in response to an online threat of gun violence, according to a campus emergency update issued last night.

Halbert Hargrove Relationship Managers Receive Professional Designations Through Firm's Continuing Education Program

Marketwired/Marketplace/Bloomberg - Dec 02, 2015 - Anthony P. Skvarka CFP®, CPWA®, AIF® has achieved a Certified Private Wealth Advisor® (CPWA®) designation, issued by the Investment Management Consultants Association® (IMCA®) in conjunction with The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Labor Department releases revised Q3 productivity

Marketplace - Dec 02, 2015 - Chad Syverson, an economist at the University of Chicago, calls the productivity rate one of the most important measures of the economy.

The 11 most influential business books of the past decade

Business Insider/Yahoo! - Dec 02, 2015 - Raghuram Rajan is the governor of the Reserve Bank of India and former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund, and when he published “Fault Lines” in 2010 he was a professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Media Outside the U.S.

Success Factor corporate culture: When it hurts when it benefits

ComputerWorld - Dec 15, 2015 - (Translation) "Banks can promote honest behavior which would change the profession-specific standards," says Alain Cohn from the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago.

Ballet’s grace leads to new thinking at Chicago Booth business school

Financial Times - Dec 14, 2015 - John Michael Schert looks like any other soberly dressed academic when he arrives at the London campus of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Should I go to the MBA?

Publisher News - Dec 11, 2015 - (Translation) In choosing among such a diversity of school education will help ratings, which take into account when drawing up the level and dynamics of growth of wages of graduates, the quality of teaching in certain specialties, as well as the share of foreign students. The leader in the ranking are the Chicago Graduate School of Business, Columbia Business School, Harvard Business School, IESE Business School. Russian school is not yet represented in the ranking.

Women of 2015: Janet Yellen, US Federal Reserve chair

Financial Times - Dec 11, 2015 “She is intensely focused and always extremely well prepared for anything she is going to do,” says Randall Kroszner, a former member of the Fed’s board of governors who is now a professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Where are Spain’s multi-millionaire philanthropists?

El Pais - Dec 09, 2015 - “I studied in the United States and have that culture in my DNA,” he says. “Many university buildings there have been financed through donations. The Chicago Business School changed its name when David G. Booth donated €300 million and is now called the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

How economics remembered Humans: the story of a mindset that (slowly) changed, by Richard Thaler

The National - Dec 09, 2015 - Richard Thaler has spent his academic career acting on what he calls a “slow hunch”. As a young man it struck him that the economic models of his professors were situated in a world of Econs - entirely rational economic beings - but when he looked around him he saw no end of irrational Humans.

Under pressure AGSM cuts its Hong Kong MBA

Financial Review - Dec 08, 2015 - Top US schools such as Chicago Booth and the Kellogg School of Management offer MBAs in Hong Kong, and the standard of local business schools is very high.

How EPFO could have made more money from the stock market

Live Mint - Dec 07, 2015 - For instance, Nobel prize winner Eugene F. Fama and Kenneth R. French in their study, entitled ‘Luck versus Skill in the Cross-Section of Mutual Fund Returns’, noted that few (actively managed) funds were able to generate returns which made money for investors after accounting for costs.

A look back at 20 years of business education in the FT

Financial Times - Dec 07, 2015 - First came the University of Chicago (Chicago Booth, as it is now called) with its plans to open a first campus outside the US in Barcelona and to run an executive MBA there. (It subsequently moved to London.)

Global Executive MBA of the Vienna University of Business ranked 44th among the world's EMBA-programs

The Baltic Course - Dec 03, 2015 - (Translation) In terms of "international exchange of experience" program takes 17th place (4th in the EU), overtaking on this indicator, the University of Chicago: Booth, London Business School and Northwestern University: Kellogg.


Sam’s Club CEO called ‘racist’ for remarks on diversity

The Washington Post - Dec 15, 2015 - (Rosalind) Brewer earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Spelman, the historically black college in Atlanta, before taking a spot in the Advanced Management Program at the Wharton School and the Director’s College at the University of Chicago School of Business/Stanford School of Law, according to her corporate bio.

Karen Graham Joins Novantas, Expanding Company Expertise in Customer Analytics and Cross-Sell Strategy

PR Newswire/Marketplace/Bloomberg - Dec 15, 2015 - Karen Graham Joins Novantas, Expanding Company Expertise in Customer Analytics and Cross-Sell Strategy

Lyle Logan to Join Heidrick & Struggles Board of Directors

PR Newswire/CNN/Yahoo! - Dec 15, 2015 - He holds a bachelor's degree in Accounting and Economics from Florida A&M University and an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago.

Travelport Appoints Bernard Bot as Chief Financial Officer

PR Newswire/Yahoo! - Dec 14, 2015 - Bot holds an MSc in Economics from Erasmus University, Rotterdam, and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Cut Costs on Business School Networking

U.S. News & World Report - Dec 10, 2015 - "If there's a way for you to do mentorship, or career advisement, or any sort of longer lasting relationship with the people that are coming in the year after you, they'll obviously view you as a very core part of their network and you kind of get to do the same with them," says Trivedi, who received his MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

PerfectServe Expands Board of Directors

Business Wire/Bloomberg/Yahoo! - Dec 08, 2015 - He (Robert Rinek) graduated from Denison University and earned a master of business administration degree from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business.

Lenzing AG: Thomas Obendrauf expected new CFO - Dec 03, 2015 - (Translation) The Styrian-born Thomas Obendrauf studied international business at the Vienna University of Economics and at the University of Chicago, graduating with the MBA.

Let's Talk About Chicago's Tech Talent

ChicagoInno - Dec 02, 2015 - "It's been so easy for us to meet other people around town that could be potential investors in us, and have experience in consumer products," said Simple Mills founder Katlin Smith, who chose to get her MBA at Booth because of its entrepreneurship program.

Jeff DeFazio Joins Heads! International as Managing Partner in San Francisco

PR Newswire/Bloomberg/Yahoo! - Dec 01, 2015 - DeFazio earned his MBA from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business and is a graduate of the University of Delaware.