Booth Celebrates 20 Years in Europe

In the last 20 years, Europe’s economy has undergone a transformation with the birth of a single currency, the launch of the European Central Bank, and Germany’s emergence as a regional powerhouse.

During these two decades, Chicago Booth’s physical presence in Europe has seen its own share of change, growing from modest beginnings in a converted bank building in Barcelona to its current location in the heart of London’s financial district.

But with the eurozone now seemingly in a state of perpetual crisis, what kind of region will the school be part of two years from now, let alone two decades?

It was one question that nearly 500 guests, including faculty, staff, students, corporate employers, government representatives and nearly 300 alumni considered as they gathered to celebrate Booth’s 20 years of influence in Europe. The four-day event (held in London February 19-22) began with a panel discussion, “A European Identity for the 21st Century.” The Milestone Celebration also included presentations from faculty, alumni reunion class dinners, and networking events.

“There was a lot of excitement—alumni came together who hadn’t seen each other for years,” said Robert Rosenberg, adjunct associate professor of entrepreneurship, offered a broad exploration of entrepreneurship at Booth.

Participants at the four-day celebration agreed that Europe’s dynamic economy offers myriad opportunities for Booth to further extend its influence.

As Barter of the Global Advisory Board reminded the audience, in the words of Mae West: “I never said it would be easy. I only said it would be worth it.”—Alex Eeles