Uncovering Clues from Marketing Data

The data collected at thousands of point-of-sale terminals and consumer homes offer clues into the singular popularity of soft drinks, ice cream, and canned soup brands. For academic researchers, these data serve as a real-world laboratory to study the underlying mechanisms driving consumer shopping behavior as well as the strategies of competing retailers and branded goods manufacturers.

In 2012, Booth’s Kilts Center for Marketing announced a groundbreaking agreement with The Nielsen Company to make the latter’s databases available to academic researchers. On May 6, the collaboration will take center stage at an inaugural conference, Marketing Insights at Chicago Booth. The daylong conference at Gleacher Center will showcase a range of research that uses the data to generate insights on topics including how consumers choose between private label and brand name goods, and the impact of the financial crisis on brand strength.

The Nielsen datasets are made up of Consumer Panel Data that track purchases by 40,000 to 60,000 US households dating back to 2004 and Retail Scanner Data on sales generated by over 35,000 stores across 90 participating retail chains dating back to 2006.