Who’s Afraid of a Little Deflation?

Wall Street Journal - Nov 13, 2014  John Cochrane writes, "A sudden drop wouldn’t be good, but a steady annual decline of, say, 2%? Worries about that are overblown."

Three Cheers for Japanese Monetary Policy

Wall Street Journal - Nov 10, 2014  Anil Kashyap writes, "Haruhiko Kuroda has proven to be an able leader of the Bank of Japan."

The Steep Cost of Not Refinancing

Wall Street Journal - Nov 09, 2014  The Wall Street Journal spoke with Devin G. Pope, an associate professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, about how to get more people to refinance their homes when interest rates fall.

How Office Disruptions Harm Entrepreneurs

Wall Street Journal - Nov 06, 2014  James Schrager says, "I’m not advocating throwing away your cellphone. But small-business owners need to protect against entire weeks lost to just doing, with no time for processing the events that unfold."

Two Tips for Retirees Looking to Start Businesses

Wall Street Journal - Nov 03, 2014  James Schrager says, "What tips would I give retirees or older people in general looking to start a business? Do something you know, or plan for lots of homework before you spend your money."

Working at a Small Firm is Sink or Swim

Wall Street Journal - Nov 03, 2014  "The biggest advantage of working at a small business is being close to the front lines. In a small business, everyone has to wear many hats and be ready to do whatever is needed. The big disadvantage is that small businesses have no time to train you," advises James Schrager.

Good jobs report, but is it enough?

Fox Business News (VIDEO) - Nov 07, 2014  Austan Goolsbee discusses areas of weakness in the economy.

Consumers feeling better about economy

CNBC (VIDEO) - Nov 07, 2014
  Austan Goolsbee, University of Chicago, Kevin Hassett, American Enterprise Institute, and Gary Stern, former Minneapolis Fed president, provide their insight on the economy.

Which Business Schools Have The Most Billionaire Alumni?

Bloomberg Businessweek - Nov 11, 2014  Harvard's MBA program has produced nearly three times more billionaire graduates than that of Stanford University, which emerged in second place on the list. Chicago Booth is listed at #5.

Best Business Schools 2014: Duke Tops Full-Time MBA List, Harvard Slips

Bloomberg Businessweek - Nov 11, 2014
  There is a new top dog in American business education: Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. The Durham (N.C.)-based school has claimed the No. 1 spot in Bloomberg Businessweek‘s 14th biennial ranking of full-time MBA programs, part of a shakeup that dethroned University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business and also knocked elite rival Harvard Business School out of the top five for the first time in the history of the ranking. Story also in Yahoo Finance, Chicago Tribune, ABC News Radio, NBC, CNN Money, USA Today, U.S. Business Journals.

Why Bucking the Trends Often Leads to Success

Inc. - Nov 03, 2014  It would seem counterintuitive to make the case that entrepreneurs who enter a market at its low point actually stand a better chance at succeeding than those who enter when a market is hot. Yet that's the argument Elizabeth G. Pontikes and her colleague make in their new working paper: "When to Be a Nonconformist Entrepreneur? Organizational Responses to Vital Events."


Difficult jobs market drives applications to top universities

Financial Times - Nov 17, 2014  Michael Schill, dean of the University of Chicago Law School says that, while the "Chicago brand" is strong, the development of programmes with the university's Booth School of Business has attracted top students.

The jelly bean problem

Financial Times - Nov 15, 2014  Eugene Fama and Kenneth French found that the returns on a portfolio of shares were explained by three factors: exposure to the market as a whole, exposure to small company stocks and exposure to "value stocks."

Business Books of the Decade

Financial Times - Nov 13, 2014  Atif Mian and Amir Sufi's "House of Debt" was shortlisted for 2014.

Starting a business

Financial Times - Nov 09, 2014  EMBA students at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business helped to create an angel fund a few years ago. It now has 120 members and is the most active angel fund in the US Midwest, according to Robert Rosenberg, adjunct associate professor of entrepreneurship.

Nobel-winning Economist Finn Kydland backs RBI's anti-inflation policy

Economic Times - Nov 05, 2014  Nobel laureate economist Finn Kydland today supported Reserve Bank Governor Raghuram Rajan's strategy of fighting inflation through high interest rates and dismissed concerns of its impact on the growth. Article also in Business Standard, NDTV Profit DNA, Jagran Post.

A Nordic mystery

The Economist - Nov 13, 2014  In the first substantial study of the Norwegian reforms, Marianne Bertrand of the University of Chicago’s Booth business school and three colleagues conclude that “there is no evidence that gains (in the number of females) at the very top trickled down.” The gains have not improved the career prospects of highly qualified women below board level.

Another cost of bigotry

The Economist - Oct 18, 2014  A new academic study by Michael Weber and his colleague finds that people who live in areas of Germany where persecution of Jews was most intense are less likely to invest in the stock market, even today. Article also appeared in Die Welt, The American Interest, La Stampa, Haaretz, The Marker and Tablet Magazine.


Gap Narrows in Access to SEC Filings

Wall Street Journal - Nov 05, 2014  A time lag that could give some investors early access to market-moving documents from the Securities and Exchange Commission has all but disappeared, according to an academic tracking the data. An Oct. 22 paper by Douglas Skinner and Sarah Zechman documented delays from March 2012 through 2013.

The feds' bond-buying enigma: Robert J. Samuelson

Washington Post - Nov 10, 2014  The Federal Reserve has ended its roughly $3.7 trillion program of bond buying, leaving in its wake a host of hard questions. Did it strengthen the economic recovery? A study by Jing Cynthia Wu of the University of Chicago and Fan Dora Zia of the University of California, San Diego, contended that the Fed achieved only modest gains.

The SEC might be aiding rapid-fire traders

CNN Money - Nov 10, 2014  The SEC says it's reviewing a Columbia study showing that one of the regulators overseeing rapid traders may actually be helping them, as well as a working paper by a team at the University of Chicago (Skinner and Zechman) and University of Colorado, which did a did similar analysis using data going back to 2012.


Overheard: Pow! Zap! Wham! Get Ready For Comic Book Economics

Wall Street Journal - Nov 10, 2014  Earlier this year, the University of Chicago’s Capital Ideas magazine ran a short graphic novel about “a world without banks” based on the ideas of professors John Cochrane and Doug Diamond.

Bank of Japan Offers Lessons in Easing Deflation

Wall Street Journal - Nov 09, 2014  “Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda has reminded us that basic economics still works…and a determined central bank can generate inflation, if that is all it cares about,” Anil Kashyap, a University of Chicago economist and an expert on Japanese deflation, said in a recent speech.

Tech Tools That Small Firms Need to Avoid

Wall Street Journal - Nov 03, 2014  "I’m not advocating throwing away your cellphone. Rapid response to clients or customers is often very important. But small-business owners need to protect against entire weeks lost to just doing, with no time for processing the events that unfold," advises James Schrager.

What College Can Teach the Aspiring Entrepreneur

Wall Street Journal - Nov 03, 2014  Robert Rosenberg, director of entrepreneurship programs at the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, says it’s generally more useful to learn about one’s own startup market. But if students do choose to go abroad, they “should be planful” and choose a destination that’s known for a particular industry or is a hotbed of innovation, like London, Shanghai or Tel Aviv, and try to land a position at an incubator or an accelerator.

4 Factors to Consider About European MBA Programs

US News & World Report - Nov 07, 2014  The best business schools attract international students and faculty of the highest caliber, and in terms of rankings, elite European programs perform as well as many top programs in the U.S. (Chicago Booth included).

Man of The Moment

Bloomberg Businessweek - Nov 17, 2014  Wrote John Cochrane of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business on his website: “If you believe the Keynesian argument for stimulus, you should think Bernie Madoff is a hero. Seriously. He took money from people who were saving it, and gave it to people who most assuredly were going to spend it.”

$100 Billion Deal Day Evokes 1998’s Exxon-Mobil: Real M&A

Bloomberg Businessweek - Nov 17, 2014  “You tend to see large deals or mega deals increasing in buoyant conditions,” Steven Kaplan, a professor at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, said in a phone interview. “It’s a sign that the economy is at least stable enough for these companies to be willing to forecast in the future that these are good deals.”

States in Play: Business on the Ballots

Bloomberg Businessweek - Nov 05, 2014
  University of Chicago's Austan Goolsbee and Columbia Business School's Glenn Hubbard discuss some of the midterm election ballot initiatives on Bloomberg Television's Election 2014 special with Pimm Fox.

Fed’s Evans Says Infrastructure Spending Can Boost Income

Bloomberg Businessweek - Nov 03, 2014  Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago President Charles Evans cited a University of Chicago Booth School of Business survey in which 82 percent of 44 economists agreed with a statement saying the federal government has an opportunity to increase average incomes by spending more on roads, railways, bridges and airports.

There's More to QE Than Krugman Thinks

Bloomberg View - Nov 11, 2014  Bloggers have been having a very interesting debate about the Neo-Fisherian idea. University of Chicago economist John Cochrane has the clearest and most comprehensive post on the subject, which uses a series of simple graphs to demonstrate how Neo-Fisherian and New Keynesian ideas differ.

You are not as smart as you think you are

Chicago Tribune - Nov 12, 2014  Student and Chicago Tribune Reporter, Melissa Harris, writes "Every now and again, I plan to recommend books, research and ideas I've come across in school: "Why Smart People Make Big Money Mistakes" by Gary Belsky and Thomas Gilovich, updated 2009."

Obama's former economic guru on the midterms

Yahoo Finance (VIDEO) - Nov 05, 2014
  Austan Goolsbee, now a professor at the University of Chicago business school, says we really shouldn’t read too much in the GOP’s performance yesterday. “This is basically what always happens when you are six years into an administration,” he notes.

Kate Battle of Golden Source Consultants and her team win third place in the Financial Times MBA 2014 Challenge

Yahoo Finance - Nov 03, 2014  The team represented students studying at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Fuqua, and University College London, who created a plan that showed how WCC could implement microfinance solutions in Ghana.

Illinois' business climate needs a restart, says business leader

The Huffington Post (blog) - Nov 14, 2014  Educating Illinois' future small-business owners could be a starting point in moving the business climate forward. There are several MBA programs in Illinois, three of which made Businessweek's list of the top 85 business schools in the country (including Chicago Booth).

New startup for 1871: Business classes for entrepreneurs

Crain's Chicago Business - Nov 12, 2014  Startup incubator 1871 will offer a 15-week program dubbed an XBA in Entrepreneurship to members and other entrepreneurs. The curriculum poses stepped-up competition for traditional graduate business schools like Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management and the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business.

OCA raising $100 million for new fund

Crain's Chicago Business - Nov 11, 2014  “It's hard to raise a venture fund these days, period," said Steven Kaplan, a private-equity expert and professor at University of Chicago's Booth School of Business. "On the first one you can promise, but on the second you have to deliver. People buy performance."

ALUMNI Appoints Duncan Robertson To Board Of Directors

CNN Money - Nov 10, 2014 today announced that alumnus Ian Duncan Robertson, most recently chief financial officer of OpenTable, has been appointed to the Company's Board of Directors, effective Nov. 5, 2014. Mr. Robertson also will serve as Chairman of the Board's Audit Committee.

Raven Industries Names Chief Financial Officer

CNN Money - Nov 10, 2014
  Raven Industries, Inc. today announced that alumnus Steven E. Brazones, 41, will join the company as its chief financial officer, effective Dec. 1, 2014.

Chicago City Treasurer Stephanie D. Neely to Join Allstate as Vice President, Treasury
CNN Money - Nov 03, 2014  The Allstate Corporation today announced that Chicago City Treasurer and alumna Stephanie D. Neely will join the company as its vice president, treasury, effective Dec. 1. She will be responsible for the strategic direction and management of liquidity, capital, ratings and corporate structure issues.

Weapons of Documentation: Taser Is Pushing Police Body Cameras, Wants To Be Dropbox For Cops

Forbes - Nov 05, 2014  Alumnus Rick Smith founded Taser International in 1993 fresh out of business school at the University of Chicago. While he was in business school, two of his high school acquaintances were gunned down by a business consultant after a road rage incident. The episode made him want to make weapons that wouldn’t kill people.

CNA Announces New Senior Vice Presidents for Actuary

Bloomberg Businessweek - Nov 14, 2014  Alumnus Mark Kaufman has been appointed senior vice president of Actuarial Pricing for Specialty Insurance, effective Nov. 17. In this critical leadership role, Mark will be responsible for the overall direction and general management of specialty pricing in accordance with the company's strategic plan.

Choice Logistics Names James Adams Chief Operating Officer

Bloomberg Businessweek - Nov 12, 2014  Choice Logistics, the leading provider of enterprise-grade supply-chain solutions, today announced that alumnus and Senior Vice President James Adams has been appointed Chief Operating Officer, a new position within Choice.

Lionstone Welcomes New Chief Financial Officer Andrew J. Bruce

Bloomberg Businessweek - Nov 11, 2014  Lionstone Investments, a privately owned real estate investment firm that specializes in conceptualizing, researching, and executing national investment strategies on behalf of institutional investors and high net worth individuals, announced the appointment of alumnus Andrew J. Bruce as chief financial officer effective Oct. 15, 2014.

Chris Johnson Named Chief Executive Officer of Classic Cinemas

Chicago Tribune - Nov 14, 2014  Classic Cinemas has announced the appointment of alumnus Chris Johnson as its new chief executive. "I'm excited to take on this new role and lead Classic Cinemas as we continue to grow and partner with the communities where our theatres are located," said Johnson.

CNA Appoints Amy Adams To SVP Of Investments & Treasury

Yahoo Finance - Nov 07, 2014  In this role, alumna Amy Adams will be responsible for both the operational and strategic management of Investment Finance, Accounting, Operations, and Treasury teams.

Ron Foster Joins the Advanced Energy Board of Directors

Yahoo Finance - Nov 06, 2014  Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. today announced that alumnus Ron Foster, CFO and vice president of Finance at Micron Technology Inc., has joined the company's board of directors.

QuEST Global Chairman and CEO Ajit Prabhu Announces Appointment of Bob Harvey as President – Strategic Accounts

Yahoo Finance - Nov 03, 2014  In this newly created role alumnus Harvey will be responsible for the leadership, development and growth of QuEST's relationship and business with its Strategic Customers.

University of Chicago's Policy School Finding New Home with $32.5M Gift

Crain's Chicago Business - Nov 06, 2014  Alumnus Dennis Keller, the retired chairman of DeVry Education Group, donated $20 million and King Harris, chairman of Harris Holdings, donated $12.5 million. Keller also donated $5 million to the Booth School of Business at the university.